Class Descriptions


Gentle Yoga

The Gentle Way of Hatha philosophy is ‘less is more’: yoga poses combined with breathing allows the body and mind to regain deep, and much-needed, rejuvenation.  Yoga brings us to a place of stillness where we can begin to hear our own Truth.  You will learn how to listen to your body, and understand yourself from the inside out.  Yoga helps us find balance physically and mentally.  This leads to the creation of a life of wholeness.

Is Gentle Yoga for You?

While there is no chanting, there a focus on various meditation techniques and breath-work (pranayama).  Your mind must open before your body will open.  I believe very much in a yogic saying that states, “everyone has their own pose within the pose.”  If you have new or old injuries, chronic health issues or need to be gentle with your body the Gentle Way of Hatha is a great place to start and then continue with a yoga practice.

Why I enjoy teaching Gentle Yoga:

“I have been teaching since I was 11 years old, and I was doing gymnastics for years before that.  I still love teaching and having an active body.  But, add to that now an understanding of, and empathy for, body parts not working quite as well as they use to.  I enjoy the challenge of watching how students feel, physically and mentally, and adjusting the class as we go.  It is incredibly fun to tweak a student’s body, verbally or physically, and have them suddenly ‘get it’ and settle into their pose within the pose.  Never before have I had a job where people leave me and are so happy.” ~ Beckie

Power Yoga

Power yoga is a general term used in the West to describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga. Though many consider it to be “gym yoga,” this style of practice was originally closely modeled on the Ashtanga method. The term came into common usage in the mid-1990s, in an attempt to make Ashtanga yoga more accessible to western students, though, unlike Ashtanga, power yoga does not follow a set series of poses, so classes can vary widely. With its emphasis on strength and flexibility, power yoga brought yoga into the gyms of America, as people began to see yoga as a way to work out.

Is Power Yoga for You?

Power Yoga will most likely appeal to people who are already quite fit, enjoy exercising, and want a minimal amount of chanting and meditation with their yoga. Prepare to work hard and work up a sweat.  (adapted from

Foundations of Yoga

The foundational poses of Hatha yoga are practiced with a focus on proper alignment, discovering your body in the pose, and modifications.  Developing proper muscle memory of alignment in these basic poses will carry over into other postures and more challenging poses reducing the chance of injury.  While practicing the asanas (poses), yogic breathing, drishti (points of focus), bandhas, chakras, mudras and meditation will be discussed and included in the practice. 

Is Foundations of Yoga for You?

If you are new to yoga, have limited experience, are a practicing yogi wanting to reconnect with your yoga roots, or enjoy learning all the little details, this class would be a good fit for you.  

Why I enjoy teaching Foundations of Yoga:

“Learning how things function and work together is a passion of mine.  So, taking the extra time to understand the why and how within each pose is fascinating.  It is also amazing to see within ourselves and realize the moment when something moves from being a problem or painful place to a place of freedom and release.  Sometimes what we think is the cause of some physical, mental or spiritual stagnation is something else entirely!” ~ Kim


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