The benefits of guided meditation

At the end of every yoga class, I guide students through a relaxation exercise.  Guided meditation is the easiest way to meditate.  It is an incredibly fun, healthy and inspiring way to achieve inner peace.  While in a state of deep relaxation, you are guided to imagine positive experiences.  Because you are so relaxed, the imaginary experiences are vivid and very close to real, as far as your body is concerned.  This creates an environment for innumerable health benefits: serotonin levels rise, moods stabilize, creativity increases, easier problem solving, sleep patterns improve, develop empathy, increases DHEA, helps lower blood pressure, respiration slows, circulation increases, strengthens immune system, muscle tension eases, cholesterol levels decrease, quicker recovery from medical procedures, reduces anxiety, aides in balancing hormones, reduces headaches and chronic pain, aides in forgiveness and compassion, create a stronger bond with your religion and so much more.  There are hundreds (if not thousands) of guided meditations, but right now these are my favorites: Full-Body Relaxation and a Peaceful Place.

In a Full-Body Relaxation, stress dissipates as you are slowly guided through your body and told how to release tension and relax.  The simplicity and thoroughness of this meditation is what makes it work so well.

In a Peaceful Place, you are guided to create an imaginary world filled with only things and people you want with you – only what makes you feel good.  As you revisit your Peaceful Place, you make it more specific and you are able to “see” it better each time.  This world is a wonderful place for a quick mental “vacation.”

My next goal is to find a good healing meditation.

If you can’t make it to one of my classes, then try to find some free guided meditations on the internet.  I’ll admit you have to like the person’s voice and background music for it to be effective.  So, try a few to find one that really works for you.  Good luck and happy relaxing.


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