We are back and doing yoga again

 I just wanted to send out a reminder to my current and past students of my new location and hours.

In Harmony yoga studio under one of our big oak trees.

In Harmony yoga studio under one of our big oak trees.

The yoga studio is located between 403 & 405 E. Bluebonnet Ln.  Looks like a garage, but it’s not.  I promise to do landscaping once it cools off a bit…  The inside is a bit nicer.



Hours are: Gentle Yoga – M, W & F @ 8:30 am; Power Yoga – W @ 5:30 pm. The only days we will be closed are the same days the school district has scheduled vacation days. I will post those on the Dates & Times page.


I tried teaching Gentle Yoga at night, but eating dinner with my esophagus issues was too hard. I just can’t time it right… sorry.


We are going back to 8:30 am classes on Mon. & Wed.

We need to go back to the original schedule for a few reasons:

  • I lost a handful of students due to the fact that their lives are already going by the time 10:00 rolls around.
  • The gym is much quieter at 8:30.  Men banging around on free-weights aren’t particularly quiet.
  • I need time to eat and have the food digest before I go to my yoga teacher training classes at 12:00 in Marble Falls.

Speaking of yoga teacher training…  I am quite excited to begin my training, at Sana Vida, on Wednesday.  Back when I was a hydrogeologist, I did this at Yoga Yoga in Austin the first year they offered training 12 years ago.  At the time, I was just taking yoga classes and I had to know more.  It was fun and I learned so much that I’m really eager to see what another yoga studio has to offer.  I took over 150 hours, but didn’t finish because I didn’t think I’d ever teach.  Silly me.  So now, after the first week in March, I’ll have over 350 hours of training and be certified with the Yoga Alliance for my 200-hr certification.

I had forgotten how much fun it was teaching yoga

I had six wonderful students my first day.  They energized me so much.  I just want to create even more classes and find more relaxation exercises.  One truly great aspect of teaching yoga in a small town versus a big city is that I can see what my students needs are and create practices for them, rather than them having to adjust their practice to me as they would have to do in a big yoga studio.

Unfortunately, no matter what, I’m going to have to do my evening classes at the same time as Zumba on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  There is a Zumba class every day, but Friday, at 5:30. But, honestly, Zumba and Hatha Yoga are two completely separate niches of the fitness community.  I doubt I’ll “steal” many/any of their students.

This weekend, I’ll go buy a few mats to have on hand for any students who may want to buy a mat. 

Sunday night, I laid out my two mats so that the ends wouldn’t be curly in the morning.  Sarah thought that was great.  She started out doing downward dog on the mats, then she moved to doing it on all the rugs and the mats.  It is quite cute to watch a toddler smiling at you from between her knees, again and again and again…

Hello Johnson City!

Are you ready to do yoga? 

On June 18th, yoga classes will start at the 24/7 Gym.  The gym is across the street from the Post Office and City Park, on the corner of Main Street and Avenue G.  To begin, we will meet every Monday and Wednesday morning at 8:30. 

There is interest in having after-work classes too.  Having done the regular career-thing in the past, I know it is hard to fit yoga into your schedule/life.  Please help me get you to a yoga class by filling out the little survey below.

Come to class a little early so you may sign in, relax and get into your yoga “mood” prior to class.  Be sure to bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing.

Remember, first class is free!

I can’t wait to meet you.  Namaste.

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