New Foundations of Yoga class

I am very pleased to announce the addition of another yoga class!  Beginning this November, Kim Radich – owner of New Leaf, is teaching Foundations of Yoga at In Harmony yoga studio on Thursdays from 10:00-11:15 am.  This class is considered “all levels,” so beginners and experienced yogis/yoginis are welcome.  The following is a description of the class:

Foundations of Yoga

The foundational poses of Hatha yoga are practiced with a focus on proper alignment, discovering your body in the pose, and modifications.  Developing proper muscle memory of alignment in these basic poses will carry over into other postures and more challenging poses reducing the chance of injury.  While practicing the asanas (poses), yogic breathing, drishti (points of focus), bandhas, chakras, mudras and meditation will be discussed and included in the practice. 

Is Foundations of Yoga for You?

If you are new to yoga, have limited experience, are a practicing yogi wanting to reconnect with your yoga roots, or enjoy learning all the little details, this class would be a good fit for you.  

This January, look forward to an “all levels” Hot Vinyasa yoga evening class.


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