I had forgotten how much fun it was teaching yoga

I had six wonderful students my first day.  They energized me so much.  I just want to create even more classes and find more relaxation exercises.  One truly great aspect of teaching yoga in a small town versus a big city is that I can see what my students needs are and create practices for them, rather than them having to adjust their practice to me as they would have to do in a big yoga studio.

Unfortunately, no matter what, I’m going to have to do my evening classes at the same time as Zumba on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  There is a Zumba class every day, but Friday, at 5:30. But, honestly, Zumba and Hatha Yoga are two completely separate niches of the fitness community.  I doubt I’ll “steal” many/any of their students.

This weekend, I’ll go buy a few mats to have on hand for any students who may want to buy a mat. 

Sunday night, I laid out my two mats so that the ends wouldn’t be curly in the morning.  Sarah thought that was great.  She started out doing downward dog on the mats, then she moved to doing it on all the rugs and the mats.  It is quite cute to watch a toddler smiling at you from between her knees, again and again and again…


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