On finding a yoga top

I had the idea last week to try on my old yoga tops to see which ones still fit.  That’s when humility and panic came to visit.  None of my tops fit.  (I do yoga in the morning, and I just wear my pj’s.)  So, yesterday, I went to Austin to find a top or two.  Humility and panic apparently hitched a ride with me.  I’m a 5 foot tall, almost 110 lb. petite person.  Shopping for clothes has always been a challenge, but the recession has really made petite clothes hard to find.  So, I was finding that if the top fit around my ribs, then the shoulder straps sat an inch or two above my shoulders.  If the straps fit, then I had weird bulges coming out the arm holes.  Arrrgh! 

I did find a sleeveless shirt and yoga pants at Academy.  The yoga tops they had, with a pretty design on the front, were completely white on the back.  My instant thought was, “Really?  I’m going to be on the ground…”  Then I went to Ross, but they didn’t have anything that fit.  TJ Max had the biggest selection, and I managed to find a real-live yoga top there.  Whew.  Panic went home.  But, I think humility is here to stay.  (They also had yoga mats for $12.99.)  Then I went to Whole Earth, just in case they had something on the sale rack.  Wow, what a total waste of time.  They had 2 yoga tops, and 2 that could have passed as yoga tops, but none of those fit.  However, what shocked me was to find that apparently yoga has a season.  What?  They had tons of PrAna clothes, but only three different yoga tops, and that was only because the same top came in three different colors.  Dull colors at that.  I will admit, if I had been willing to pay for it, I would have had no problem finding something at Title Nine (NW corner of 5th St. and N. Lamar, entry to parking lot on Baylor).  I love Title Nine.  Don’t laugh – I have given myself permission to get something from there once every six months.  Athleta has several pants and cover-ups that look good too, but their tops are still cut too tight.  There is a large variety of cute and well designed (empire waists, pleats & longer looser cuts) yoga tops on the internet, maybe they’ll be in more stores soon…

I just wanted to share what happened to the yoga teacher.  I thought you’d enjoy it.

Note: Sorry this is a repost, but the first one didn’t make it to my Facebook page.  I know just enough about blogging to be dangerous.  😉


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